Learn your website

Look, Find, & Observe

All in One. No More Multiple Windows.

Anatomy combines Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and actual file data all together in one place.

  • Trends

    Comparison with previous data expressed using weather mark.

  • The Tile

    Bird's-eye view of your entire website through the unique tile user interface.

  • User Flow

    Understand to / from people are flowing through animation.

  • Just like a Photo app

    Refer page’s appearance while reading your data.

  • ga

    Connected with Google Analytics

    All you need is Google Account with Google Analytics data integration. Nothing else.
    Anatomy builds super easy presentation for you

  • beta

    Get your 5 Free Reports Now

    Upon launch, we will release it as a BETA.
    Get your 5 Reports for free, and earn even more by inviting coworkers.

Visualize your Google Analytics

Anatomy is a web app to visualize Google Analytics.

Join Beta Now

You will get 28 days for full-feature trial and 5 free reports


Anatomy is fully-loaded web app, and is ready to go after registration and first compile process is done.

  • The Tile

    The Tile

    Bird’s-eye View of your entire website for easy understanding.

  • Weekly Reports

    Weekly Reports

    Reports are ready for printing, and yes, they are in Excel.

  • Screanshots


    Fulll-length Screenshots for every page.

  • SEO Information

    SEO Information

    SEO Information is also combined as well.

  • Gadget


    Check your website health on your mobile phone.

  • Collaboration


    Invite or join the team! Easy one step collaboration.

  • Powerful Search

    Powerful Search

    Find anything with powerful search feature.

  • Free Extra Reports

    Free Extra Reports

    Earn more free reports by inviting people.