How to check user flow with screen capture

Do you find it difficult to get into your head even if you look at URLs, numbers, arrows, etc. when checking user transitions and traffic lines?

Here, we will introduce a tool that can check the screen capture of the actual page and the user's flow line together.

1. How to check user flow in capture with Anatomy

With the access analysis tool `` Anatomy '' that `` visualizes '' Google Analytics, not only information on analysis such as access indicators and user flow lines, but also page access when actually acquiring data, screen capture of page It also has information such as and resource information.

This allows you to display the links that actually exist in the screen capture of the actual page. Which transitions and how many links are visualized by screen capture.

1.Click once on the page tile for which you want to check the user flow
2. Click [Show link in capture]
3. A link frame is displayed on the screen capture
Link display screen in capture of access analysis tool "Anatomy"

The color of the link frame changes to red, orange, and yellow in order from the link with the largest number of transitions. If there are no transitions, a gray frame will appear. The blue frame is a link to itself.

You can also make transitions by clicking the link frame. Hovering over the link frame will focus on the tile on that page, so you can immediately see the number of transitions.

User flow line display screen in capture of access analysis tool "Anatomy"

If you check the user flow while watching the screen capture in this way, you can see the site from the same viewpoint as the user. Also, when you add a new link such as a banner, you can easily measure the effect.


Anatomy has automatically acquired screen captures periodically so that both page and access data can be checked at the same time. Check out Anatomy to see how effective the links on your page are.

If you have any concerns about Google Analytics settings, such as not being able to measure the pages you care about, a service that can diagnose the settings of Google Analytics is also included.

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