How to take a screenshot of the entire page

Do you want to check the actual page more easily while analyzing the site with Google Analytics?

In particular, smartphone sites are vertically long, so it is difficult to grasp the entire page with a PC browser.

Here are some tools that allow you to see screenshots along with access metrics.

1. How to check screenshots in Anatomy

The access analysis tool `` Anatomy '' that `` visualizes '' Google Analytics, not only information on analytics such as access metrics and user flow lines, but also patrols the actual site and periodically takes screenshots of pages .

One green tile represents one web page.

1. When you hover over the tile, you can see the list of access indicators on this page at the top.
2. The actual screenshot of the hovered tile is displayed on the right side of the tool.
Screen shot confirmation screen of page of access analysis tool "Anatomy"

With Anatomy, you can simply hover over the tiles and see access metrics and screenshots at a glance.

There is also a function that allows you to visually grasp the number of transitions to another page on the screenshot.

2. Display a screen shot of the smartphone

Long vertical smartphone pages also take screenshots of the entire page.

You can scroll down, so you can check the design without leaking to the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of mobile page of access analysis tool "Anatomy"

3.List screen shots

By using the "Screen Search View" function, you can display the pages in the site in a list.

You can check the first view of each page or check the screen and the access index together.

Image search view of access analysis tool "Anatomy"

4. Download screenshots in Excel

"Page Report Summary" is a file that summarizes information related to access analysis such as the number of page views , inflow sources and conversions in Excel format.

This file also contains a screenshot of the page, so you can manage the screenshot as an Excel file.

Page report summary of access analysis tool "Anatomy"


Anatomy has automatically taken screenshots on a regular basis so that both page and access data can be checked at the same time. Past screen designs are also saved, so you can use Anatomy to check changes in design and access indicators.

If you have any concerns about Google Analytics settings, such as not being able to measure the pages you care about, a service that can diagnose the settings of Google Analytics is also included.

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