How to check for updated pages on your site

If you update your website every day, you won't be able to keep track of which pages have been changed.

From the viewpoint of access analysis, it is necessary to grasp the contents of the page before and after the change.

Here are some tools to quickly notice changed pages in your website.

1. How to find updated pages in Anatomy

The access analysis tool "Anatomy" to "visualize" Google Analytics has not only information on analysis such as access indicators and user flow, but also page screenshots and resource information such as HTML and CSS.

Anatomy regularly takes screenshots of each page, so it can automatically detect updated pages.

2. Badge showing change

Anatomy displays a circular "badge" as a placemark for the updated page.

This "circle" has a double structure inside and outside, and each represents the change of "HTML" and "image capture".

First, the inner circle shows that the change in HTML is less than 5% for light green, 10% for yellow, 20% for orange, and more than 30% for red.

In the access analysis tool "Anatomy", the change rate of html is represented by the color inside the "circle" at the top right of the page tile

And the outer circles indicate that the image capture is less than 30K pixels change for light green, 100K pixels for yellow, 200K pixels for orange, and 300K pixels for red compared to last week .

In the access analysis tool "Anatomy", the design change rate of the screen is represented by the color outside the "circle" at the upper right of the page tile

In other words, the darker the badge, the more changes there are.

3. Check the changes on the screenshot

You can view the screenshots before and after the change together to check the changes on the screen.

1. Hover over the tile with warm color in the upper right circle
2. Click "Original" at the top of the right screen capture
3. Click "Compare with previous time"
With the access analysis tool "Anatomy", you can check where the screen design has actually changed
4. The comparison capture is displayed
The access analysis tool "Anatomy" compares the screen design before and after the change and displays the changed part

The parts that have changed between the last time and this time are red. The part that has increased this time instead of the previous one will be blue.

The page where the design has been updated in this way can be easily identified by the circle at the upper right of the tile, and by displaying the comparison capture, it is easy to see what has changed.


When you make a design change for a measure, you can immediately find the page if it is Anatomy and check the result of the measure along with a screen capture.

If you have any concerns about your Google Analytics settings, such as not being able to measure the pages you care about, there is also a service that can diagnose the settings of Google Analytics.

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