How to check the number of transitioned PV (migration rate) without leaving

Do you know the number of PVs that have transitioned without leaving your site?

By analyzing not only single access metrics such as inflows and bounce rate, but also combining multiple metrics, you can perform more detailed analysis.
Here, we introduce a tool that allows you to easily check the number of PV that has transitioned without leaving each page.

1. Why do we need the number of transitioned PVs without leaving?

There is the concept of migration rate. This is an index indicating how many pages a user viewed per session.

The higher the migration rate, the more visitors can get more PV for the same number of sessions and the more conversions you can get. So how do you find pages to improve to improve your migration? What appears here is "the number of PV that the user did not leave and transitioned to the next page and viewed".

If you know the total number of transitions from that page to other pages, it can be said that the page with the largest number of PVs that did not leave and transitioned is a functioning page, and conversely, the page with the small number It may be necessary to review the user flow, such as the link relationship with other pages.

2. How to check the "number of PV that has transitioned without leaving" in Anatomy

The access analysis tool "Anatomy", which "visualizes" Google Analytics, allows you to easily check the "number of transitioned PVs without leaving" on each page by using the calculation function.

1. Click [Extension> Calculation]
Extension function selection screen of access analysis tool "Anatomy"
2. Click [Traffic line-related> PVs that have transitioned without leaving (PV-Leave)> Apply]
Calculation function selection of access analysis tool "Anatomy"

The number of PVs that transitioned without leaving each page is displayed. The tiles are shaded and color-coded according to the number of PVs that have transitioned without leaving, so you can quickly see which pages have more transitions to other pages.

Display screen of the number of PV transitioned without leaving the access analysis tool "Anatomy"

In addition, you can see a screen capture of that page by hovering over the tile. You can analyze the numerical values while comparing them with the actual screen, making site analysis easier.


It is possible to perform more detailed analysis by grasping the numerical value obtained by multiplying multiple indicators instead of individual access indicators such as the number of PVs and the number of withdrawals. Please try "Anatomy", a tool that makes it easy to analyze multiple indicators.

If you have any concerns about Google Analytics settings, such as not being able to measure the pages you care about, a service that can diagnose the settings of Google Analytics is also included.

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