How to check Google Analytics settings

Have you set up Google Analytics correctly for your site?

If Google Analytics is not set correctly, the data on the page you want to measure cannot be measured, or incorrect measurement results may occur.
This section introduces the precautions of Google Analytics settings and tools that can check the appropriateness of Google Analytics settings.

1. Notes on Google Analytics Settings

Google Analytics settings range from simple settings such as time zone and currency to advanced settings such as specifying ad parameters and media.

If the setting items are incorrect, problems such as the inability to obtain data for a specific page, the aggregation of multiple sites, and the inability to obtain advertisements and referrers will occur.

In addition, data cannot be retroactively aggregated in Google Analytics. In other words, even if you modify the settings later, the past data may not be usable with incorrect values. Therefore, it is necessary to review Google Analytics settings as soon as possible so that the correct data can be calculated. However, it is very difficult to review Google Analytics settings on your own.

2. How to check Google Analytics settings in Anatomy

If you use "Anatomy", an access analysis tool that "visualizes" Google Analytics, you can automatically check the settings of Google Analytics (free for the first time).

Anatomy divides the mistaken setting items of Google Analytics into 16 items, and automatically checks if there is a problem in each item for each view. Check results can be checked at any time from the anatomy portal.

Access analytics tool "Anatomy" Google Analytics setting check result display screen

The presence or absence of problems for each of the 16 items and the evaluation of the entire check result are displayed in five levels. Correcting the problematic items will allow you to set up Google Analytics correctly.
With Anatomy's free trial registration, you can check one view of Google Analytics in addition to Anatomy features for free. Take this opportunity to check if the current settings are correct, just in case.

In addition, we provide a paid menu that supports the settings of Google Analytics by the person in charge of setting up the problem and confirming and adjusting the measurement data after setting. If you're a web professional who needs more accurate Google Analytics measurement results, please consider it.


To analyze websites using Google Analytics, it is assumed that the measurement target is appropriate and that the measurement results are accurate. The access analytics tool "Anatomy" allows you to diagnose Google Analytics settings for free, so please try it.

If you have any concerns about Google Analytics settings, such as not being able to measure the pages you care about, a service that can diagnose the settings of Google Analytics is also included.

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