How to check the access trend graph of each page with Google Analytics

Can I use Google Analytics to see transition graphs of the number of PV and bounce rate on each page?

Here, we will introduce how to check the access transition graph of each page with Google Analytics, and also tools that can be easily checked.

1. How to check the access transition graph with Google Analytics

After logging in to Google Analytics,

1. Click [Actions> Site Content> All Pages]
2. Click [Confirm page]
Google Analytics Behavior Report
3. Click "Metrics" and select the metric you want to check
4. Select [Date range you want to check]
Google Analytics metrics and date selection screen
5. You can see the transition graph of the bounce rate for the selected page in one month
Monthly trend graph of selected metrics in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you need to select the pages and metrics you want to see.

2. How to check the access transition graph in Anatomy

With the access analysis tool "Anatomy" to "visualize" Google Analytics, you can easily see the access transition graph of each page on one screen.

Click the tab (推移) of the access transition graph display and hover over the green tile (②) to easily see the transition graph for each index on each page (③).

1.Access transition graph display tab
2. Hover over the page you want to see the transition graph
3. Access transition graph of the page
Confirmation screen of transition graph of each index of each page with access analysis tool "Anatomy"

In this way, you can quickly check the access transition graph of the page you are worried about, and if you have a screen design , it will be very easy to get an overview of the site.


You may need to change your ad settings quickly in some cases, such as when ad inflows fall below or above expectations. If you look at the transition graph regularly, you will immediately notice the normal / abnormal of the site. However, if you find it a little annoying to use Google Analytics, try Anatomy once.

If you have any concerns about your Google Analytics settings, such as not being able to measure the pages you care about, there is also a service that can diagnose the settings of Google Analytics.

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