How to check the OGP of each page

Here, we will introduce how to set OGP tags and tools that can easily check the OGP of each page.

1. About OGP

OGP is an abbreviation for “Open Graph Protocol”.
When sharing on SNS such as Facebook or twitter, it is a mechanism to display the URL, title, summary, and featured image of the page.

2. How to set OGP tag

Write the following meta tag in the head of the site.

 <meta property = "og: title" content = "page title" /> 
<meta property = "og: type" content = "website or blog or article" />
<meta property = "og: description" content = "page description" />
<meta property = "og: url" content = "page URL" />
<meta property = "og: site_name" content = "page title" />
<meta property = "og: image" content = "URL of featured image" />

And add the following description to the HTML tag

 <html prefix = "og:"> 

Now, when you share the page, you will be able to see featured images.

Description of each OGP tag

og: title ・ ・ ・ Page title

og: type ・ ・ ・ Page type. "Website" for the top page of a website. "Article" except the top page. Blog is "blog".

og: description ・ ・ ・ page description

og: url ・ ・ ・ URL of the page. Notation with absolute path.

og: site_name ・ ・ ・ Page name

og: image: The eye-catching image of the page. Notation with absolute path. If the image size is "630px vertical x 1200px horizontal", the versatility is high.

3. How to check OGP of each page in Anatomy

Anatomy, an access analysis tool that "visualizes" Google Analytics, has not only information on analysis such as access indicators and user traffic lines, but also screen captures of pages and resource information.

Therefore, you can easily check the OGP tag information in Anatomy.

1.Click the SNS tab
2. Hover over the page tiles you care about
3.OGP tag information can be checked along with screen capture
The access analysis tool "Anatomy" allows you to check OGP tag settings along with screen captures


In this way, you can quickly and easily check the OGP tags of the entire site together with the screen capture. Use Anatomy to check whether OGP is properly set for pages that have a lot of inflows or pages that are intended to be shared.

If you have any concerns about your Google Analytics settings, such as not being able to measure the pages you care about, there is also a service that can diagnose the settings of Google Analytics.

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