How to view past pages

Want to refer to the HTML and JS files used on the site in the past, but are you not sure where the original data is?

Here, we will introduce a tool that allows you to check past pages.

1. How to check past pages in Anatomy

With the access analysis tool `` Anatomy '' that `` visualizes '' Google Analytics, not only information on analysis such as access indicators and user flow lines, but also page access when actually acquiring data, screen capture of page Also, it has information such as measured response time.

In addition, resources such as HTML files are also stored in Anatomy, so you can check past pages in Anatomy. The confirmation method is easy.

1. Select a past date and click [Apply]
Date selection screen of access analysis tool "Anatomy"
2. Search the past page you want to see with [reference file URL search] as example.js etc.
Past page search screen of access analysis tool "Anatomy"
3. Right-click the tile of the page and click [Check page details].
Detailed information confirmation screen of access analysis tool "Anatomy" page
4. Click [Resource] on the left menu
5. Click the [eye mark] of the target resource
View page of past page of access analysis tool "Anatomy"

Then you can check the contents of the resources used in the past.


I think that page editing is good as part of access analysis, but if there is a design in the past, the user flow line was working well, so I want to return to that design, in such a case, use "Anatomy" to look back on the past page I hope you can.

If you have any concerns about Google Analytics settings, such as not being able to measure the pages you care about, a service that can diagnose the settings of Google Analytics is also included.

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