How to check the search ranking of each page with Google Search Console

Do you know the search ranking of each page in your site?

Search results in the search order, which indicates whether the is displayed on the ordinal number (in the Google search console will be referred to as a "ranking") is, impressions Along with and clicks, is a measure that must be noted in terms of the SEO measures .

Here, we will show you how to use Google Search Console to check the search ranking of each page and a tool that can easily check the search ranking.

1. What is search ranking?

When you search with Google's search engine, a list of search result URLs is displayed. "Search ranking" indicates the number of the site in the search results.

So why is search ranking important? Most users click through the search results in order from the top and stop browsing when the goal is reached. In other words, not only will they appear in search results, but if the search ranking is not high, it will not be possible to increase the inflow of the search site.


2. How to check the search ranking in Google Search Console

To check the search ranking on Google Search Console, you must first register on Google Search Console.
Click here for how to register on the Google Search Console that also shows search keywords

① Check the search order of each page

After logging in to Google Search Console,

  • 1. Click Search Performance
  • 2. Click [Average Position]
  • 3. Click [Page]
  • 4. You can check the position of each page, the number of clicks, and the average position
How to find your average position

② Check the search ranking of each page by search keyword

  • 1. Click the URL of the page you want to check
  • 2. Click [Query]
How to check the average position of each page

On Google Search Console, we were able to check the search ranking of each page by search keyword . However, when changing the page to check, deselect the currently selected page, return the tab to [Page], find the target page from the URL list, select it, and select [ You need to click the Query button, which takes time.

3. How to check the search ranking in Anatomy

The access analysis tool "Anatomy" that "visualizes" Google Analytics allows you to easily check the search keywords on each page and their search rankings.

  • 1. Click [Search Display Total]
  • 2. Hover the tile of the page you want to check the search order
How to check your search ranking in Anatomy

To change the page to be checked in Google Search Console, you must deselect each time, search for the page you want to check, and click it to switch.

In Anatomy, on the other hand, you can easily switch the page to be checked just by hovering over the tile.


Increasing the number of impressions alone is not enough to drive traffic to your site. Take SEO measures while paying attention to the search ranking so that it is displayed at the top of search results that are easy to click. If you find it difficult to find the search ranking on the Google Search Console, try "Anatomy", a tool that makes it easy to find the search ranking for each page and each search keyword .

If you have any concerns about your Google Analytics settings, such as the inability to measure a particular page, there is also a service that can diagnose your Google Analytics settings.

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