How to do device-specific analytics with Google Analytics

Do you know on which devices people who visit your site are viewing your site?

Learn how to use Google Analytics to analyze by device and tools that can easily perform device-specific analysis.

1. What is device-specific analysis?

Users use devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets to browse websites. Google Analytics can analyze visits to your site by device using the segment feature, which is called device-specific analytics.

So why do we need device-specific analysis? There is the word responsive web design. It refers to a design that allows you to browse the site comfortably on one page even if the screen size and device type are different.

It is important that websites can be browsed comfortably on any device. Sites that are easy to see on a PC but difficult to see on a smartphone will increase the exit rate of users browsing on a smartphone. By analyzing by device, you can find pages that are difficult to use on a specific device.

In addition, the situations used depend on the device. For example, PCs are often used in offices and homes, while smartphones and tablets are often used while on the move and during breaks. Of course, different situations have different behavior patterns on the site. By analyzing the devices separately, the user's traffic flow analysis can be performed more accurately.

2. How to perform device-specific analysis with Google Analytics

Now, let's see how to do device-specific analytics with Google Analytics. There are different ways to see a site-wide summary by device and to see metrics for each page by device.

① When checking the summary of the entire site by device

After logging in to Google Analytics,

1. Click [User> Mobile> Overview]
Google Analytics site-wide summary view for each device

A site-wide summary by device was displayed. "Desktop" represents a personal computer, "mobile" represents a mobile device such as a smartphone, and "tablet" represents a tablet terminal.

② When checking the index of each page by device

1. Click [Action> Site Content> All Pages]
2. Click [Add Segment]
3. Select [Tablet traffic] and [Mobile traffic] and click Apply
Google Analytics Behavior Report
4. You can check the index of each page by device
Google Analytics page metrics for each device

* If you select [Acquisition> All Traffic> Source / Media] in the menu on the left, you can check the source of users by device.

Confirmation screen of inflow source for each device of Google Analytics

As you can see, Google Analytics is a little tough because you have to compare the values of each page by device in a table.

3. How to add a device

PC segments cannot be selected by default, so you need to prepare your own segments. The procedure is as follows.

1. Click the [Manage] icon
2. Click [Segment] in [View].
3. Click [New Segment]
Google Analytics segment setting screen
4. Assign an appropriate segment name
5. Set [Technology> Device Category] to [desktop] with exact match
6. Click [Save] to save
Google Analytics segment name setting screen

4. How to analyze by device in Anatomy

If you select "Responsive Site" in the device category at the time of site registration, you can easily perform segment analysis for each device with the access analysis tool "Anatomy" that "visualizes" Google Analytics.

To switch segments in Anatomy, use the upper left select box. By switching the segment to PC, you can see the metrics of each page and the entire site focused on PC and tablet.

Segment switching screen of access analysis tool "Anatomy"

Also, by switching the segment to SP, you can see the metrics of each page focused on mobile and a summary of the entire site.

In addition, the “12-week transition graph” shows a summary of the entire site by device over the last 12 weeks. Here, you can see the number of sessions, conversions, and inflow channels over a 12-week period, so you can see long-term site trends by device.

Screen for checking the transition of each index of each device of the access analysis tool "Anatomy"

In this way, Anatomy makes it easy to perform device-specific analysis of each page and long-term analysis using a 12-week transition graph.


Analyzing users in detail by device can lead to improvements to make the site easier for users to use. Please try "Anatomy", a tool that makes analysis by device easy.

If you have any concerns about your Google Analytics settings, such as the source / media settings not working properly, there is also a service that can diagnose the settings of Google Analytics, so please try them together.

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